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Dave Redpath


11th October 1978

Marital status


Membership type


Number of years playing cricket


Previous clubs


Most memorable cricketing moment

please read attached notes

Cricketing moment you'd most like to forget

None in all honesty given my unerring brilliance

Best player you've played alongside

Can I vote for myself?

Best player you've played against

That's a difficult one.  I am the best player most people have played against.

Best batting performance

Please see above

Best bowling performance

Nearly got a 10-for once

Best fielding performance

Everytime I take the field I am like poetry in motion

DFLer or DFAer?


Preferred wicket celebration

I am too much of a gentleman to stoop to such low standards as sledging

Cricketing ambition

To retire in peace

Favourite food

Weightwatchers bread

Favourite drink

Partial to a Glenlivet 18 yo

Favourite film

My mum and dad have taken some camcorder footage of me playing cricket but despite some huge offers for the rights I am not prepared to sell just yet.

Favourite song

Highway to Hell AC/DC

Favourite changing-room song

We play songs in the changing room??? That not a bit gay?

Fantasy girl (excluding the missus/girlfriend/partner/pet)

Has to be Lil eh???

Major dislikes

People who are late. It gets right on my tits.  Also getting beaten occasionally by this Brolin character at golf.  Anyway, who is Brolin?  I have never heard anyone call Craig "Brolin".  Its either Jabba, JT, The Hutt, Jabba the Hutt, or Jabs.  Or Jacques Kallis.  I also really dislike silly nicknames.  "Brolin" being one of my most disliked.  Tell you what, I can't stand golfers with electric golf buggies either.  I think "Brolin" has one incidentally.